When creating the recipes for PresStone’s Catering it was important to me to focus on flavor rather than spice. Our food ranges from Italian, southern, creole, all they way to mexican, offering a wide variety of food options to cater to every palette! We offer all kinds of services to meet the needs of your gathering, for example:

  • Traditional Catering– Looking to host an event or party? let us do the cooking! Choose one of four food packages we offer then select your food from our growing menu! And don’t worry about the drinks, we have bar packages as well!
  • Lunch Trays– These trays feed 10-12 people and include dinner rolls or garlic bread and serving utensil. Check out our Lunch Tray Menu today!

So you know you want PresStone’s, but your still needing a little extra help with your party or event?

Check out our list of approved vendors, these are professionals that we have worked with on multiple occasions, and find that their professionalism and care they have for the customer, are at the standards that we hold for ourselves, so we highly recommend them. We continue to check with past and present customers and make sure they were cared for by our standards.

What about my Venue?

Our approved venues list are venues we work with regularly. We are also licensed and insured and can work with venues that allow outside catering, if you have any questions concerning a venue not listed contact us or your vendor for more information. 


I started cooking was around 3 years old. My grandma was an Italian chef, and some of my first memories were standing over the stove at her restaurant stirring large pots. They probably were just boiling water, but she always told me they were a sauce or noodles or something. Then by time I was 8 years old one of my weekly chores, was to cook dinner for my family every Wednesday. The background of my cooking style, is taken from grandma, mom, and dad. My grandma was an Italian chef, my mom did the southern cooking, and my dad did creole and Mexican ( he is from South Texas, moved here at 18 and learned creole cooking from Cajun friends).

When I turned 15, I started working in restaurants, at 19 I found myself training with chefs in my spare time. During this time I started learning to combine all my styles of cooking together. I put myself though school for mechanical engineering by working in restaurants. By time I had finished school I was an executive chef, so I stuck with that for 6 years after school. Eventually, I left for an engineering job, but quickly discovered I belong cooking somewhere, and to have full creative freedom, I would need to work for myself.

PresStone’s Catering was created  in July 2010. I love competitive sports, have played soccer since I was 5, and still play to this day. I have begun getting into the Triathlon world, and completed my first Sprint in March 2015, and plan on doing at least 4 a year, eventually building into a full ironman. I love travelling and spending time with friends and my family. My wife Ashley and kids are my world.